Green Lane Borough is governed by Green Lane Borough Council, which meets the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Green Lane Borough Office at the Green Lane Fire House at 7 pm.


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Sewer Authority

Green Lane Marlborough Joint Authority

The Authority is charged with the administration, design, finance, maintenance and operation of the public sanitary sewer system that services approximately 550 households and businesses located within Green Lane Borough, the Village of Sumneytown and a portion of Marlborough Township along a segment of Geryville Pike.

Green Lane Borough Council and Marlborough Township Supervisors each appoint three persons to serve five-year terms as members of the joint authority board. The authority board meets the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Marlborough Township municipal building. A solicitor and professional engineer are retained to provide legal, design, maintenance and operating advice as deemed necessary.

GLMJA Members from Green Lane:

  • Gerald Godshall
  • David Garber
  • Salam Majeed

Contact Information for the Green Lane Marlborough Joint Authority:

Plant Operator – EEMA O&M Service Group (215) 368-3375
Plant Engineer – Environmental Engineering & Management (215) 368-3375
Sewer Emergency – 215-910-2519 (not for billing purposes)

General Information and Billing Information
P.O. Box 45, Green Lane, PA 18054

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