Green Lane Borough is governed by Green Lane Borough Council, which meets the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Green Lane Borough Office at the Green Lane Fire House at 7 pm.


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Restated Air Pollution Control Ordinance

The Borough Council of the Borough of Green Lane (“Council”) will discuss and possibly adopt a proposed ordinance, which is summarized below, related to the prevention and control of air pollution, at its regular meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, August 13, 2020, at the Green Lane Borough Hall at the Green Lane Firehouse, 214 Main Street, Green Lane, PA. All interested persons are invited to attend.

Full copies of the proposed ordinance may be examined (i) during normal business hours at Borough Hall at the Green Lane Firehouse, 214 Main Street, Green Lane, PA and on the Borough of Green Lane (“Borough”) website at, (ii) during normal business hours at the Law Library of Montgomery County, located in the lower plaza level of the Montgomery County Court House at Swede and Airy Streets in Norristown, PA, and (iii) during normal business hours at the office of the newspaper in which this Public Notice appears.

Summary of Proposed Ordinance

This proposed ordinance of the Borough would restate Ordinance No. 2011-01, known and cited as the “Air Pollution Control Ordinance,” as was amended by Ordinance No. 2011-02, and repeal any inconsistent provisions therewith. The proposed ordinance shall be known as the “Restated Air Pollution Control Ordinance.” The proposed ordinance contains a definition section. Some of the defined terms are as follows: Burning – The act of consuming by fire; to flame, char, scorch, or blaze. As used in this ordinance, smoldering shall have the same meaning as burning and any smoldering shall be deemed a burning. Non-burnable material – The following is a partial list of those materials that are classified as “non-burnable” under the guidelines of this ordinance: Plastic; rubber; oils; asbestos; composition boards; shingles; siding; felt paper; canvas; fiber glass; vinyl; or any similar materials; or any combination of the above with any other materials. Human or animal waste; sanitary napkins; diapers; food solids; oil filters; or any other materials individually or in combination, that emit smoke, or acrid, obnoxious or toxic odors. Grass clippings and leaves. Domestic refuse, which is waste generated from the normal occupancy of a structure occupied solely as a dwelling. Appliances; carpets; demolition waste; insulation; furniture; mattresses; box springs; paint; putrescible waste; solvents; tires; or treated wood. The above is a partial list of those items and materials prohibited under the guidelines of this ordinance. Any other materials that do not comply fully with the intent of this ordinance or otherwise create a nuisance to people or animals are strictly prohibited. Open burning – A fire, the air contaminants from which are emitted directly into the outdoor atmosphere and not directed thereto through a flue. Yard waste – Garden residue, tree trimmings, chipped shrubbery and other vegetative material. This definition does not include leaves and does not include grass clippings. The proposed ordinance also defines the term outdoor wood-fired boiler. The proposed ordinance includes regulations regarding open burning. The proposed ordinance provides that the Borough Code Enforcement Officer or any other duly authorized agent shall have the power and duty to enforce the provisions of this ordinance. The proposed ordinance also addresses responsibility of owners and operators. The proposed ordinance also includes provisions addressing criminal and civil penalties. The proposed ordinance provides that no person shall burn or cause to be burned any of the non-burnable material or any like or similar materials not in compliance or inconsistent with this ordinance and that it shall be illegal to burn any materials that give off any acrid, obnoxious or toxic odors, or emit heavy smoke. The proposed ordinance also includes repealer, validity and effective date provisions.

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