Green Lane Borough is governed by Green Lane Borough Council, which meets the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Green Lane Borough Office at the Green Lane Fire House at 7 pm.


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Restated Transient Retail Merchants Ordinance

The Borough Council of the Borough of Green Lane (“Council”) will discuss and possibly adopt a proposed ordinance, which is summarized below, related to transient retail merchants, at itsregular meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, August 13, 2020, at the Green Lane Borough Hall at the Green Lane Firehouse, 214 Main Street, Green Lane, PA. All interested persons are invited to attend.

Full copies of the proposed ordinance may be examined (i) during normal business hours at Borough Hall at the Green Lane Firehouse, 214 Main Street, Green Lane, PA and on the Borough of Green Lane (“Borough”) website at, (ii) during normal businesshours at the Law Library of Montgomery County, located in the lower plaza level of the Montgomery County Court House at Swede and Airy Streets in Norristown, PA, and (iii) during normal business hours at the office of the newspaper in which this Public Notice appears.

Summary of Proposed Ordinance

This proposed ordinance of the Borough would amend Chapter 13, “Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations,” of the Code of Ordinances of the Borough, Part 1, “Transient Retail Merchants Ordinance,” restating said Transient Retail Merchants Ordinance, adding provisions allowing for a property owner’s license and repealing any inconsistent provisions therewith. The proposed ordinance shall be known as the “Restated Transient Retail Merchants Ordinance.”

The proposed ordinance contains a definition section that defines “legal holiday,” “person,” and“transient retail business.” The proposed ordinance also includes license requirements, conditions for the issuance of a license, and fee provisions (along with provisions identifying exceptions to when the fee shall be charged). The proposed ordinance also addresses the license application and process and requirements, along with provisions for the issuance of a license and requirements related to the issuance of a license. Additionally, the proposed ordinance identifies prohibited acts for a transient retail business. Furthermore, the proposed ordinance allows aproperty owner’s license and includes requirements in connection with a property owner’s license. The proposed ordinance also addresses supervision, records and reports involving licenses issued pursuant to the proposed ordinance, as well as provisions regarding denial,suspension, revocation of a license, and appeal. The proposed ordinance includes a section addressing penalties for those violating any provision of the proposed ordinance. The proposed ordinance also includes repealer, validity and effective date provisions.

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